A Cast-R webcast can be equipped with several modules in order to support the presentation and comes standard with very extended recording capabilities and many extras.

monitor features monitor features


- PowerPoint slides module - to clarify your presentation
- Shoutbox module - your viewers may want to ask you questions
- Poll module - ask your audience questions
- Twitter fountain - start an online conversation with your audience
- Support for multiple languages - maybe not all your viewers speak English
- Information Module and agenda module - provide your viewers with additional information and a comprehensive interactive calendar
- E-mail module - give your viewers the option to email you directly

- Support for multiple video and audio streams - each presentation its own video stream
- Support for multiple video and audio formats - MP4, HLS, Mpeg-Dash, MP3, WMV, Youtube of Vimeo? no problem!
- Support for mobile phone and tablets - the same interactivity for web and tablets
- And much, much more ...


Your Cast-R webcast can be secured so only certain visitors have access to your information. This can be done via a simple password, elaborate via OTP and even at IP level, so that for example only your employees have access to the webcast.

Your viewers can register via the registration module and allows you to provide them with news, broadcasting times, etc.